Fortuna Shine school 

FORTUNA SHINE EDUCATION PRIVATE LIMITED is an ISO 9001: 9015 certified company having its registered office in Delhi , India . The CIN (Corporate Identity Numbe) of the company is U74999DL2016PTC302118 . The Company is incorporated under section 13(1) of the companies act , 2013 . The company started its journey on 27th June 2016 in the field of Education & Stationery.



we provide at Fortuna Shine School 

Service 1

Scholarship Facility​

School facilities have the important role to ensure the quality of teaching and learning with respect to achieve quality of education. The performance of school facilities significantly affected on student achievement. Therefore, the study on measuring school facility performance is basically important to be taken in order to provide appropriate teaching and learning environment.

Service 2

Skilled Lecturers

A lecturer’s work involves public speaking in front of audiences which range from two or three people  to hundreds of people in large lecture theatres. Anyone who has been through the university system as a student has a story to tell about a lecturer who was extremely intelligent but simply could not convey information to the students because of poor public speaking skills. 

Service 3

Book Library & Store

Our school library serves as a space where students can enjoy their love for reading freely. Our comprehensive book collection is ever growing. It also serves as a resource area for students and teachers alike. The library is air-conditioned and has wireless internet for student and teacher research.


We work to cater the needs of childrens whose childhood is precious and deserves to be full of joy , play , love ,happy learning , lovely memories all of which could make their childhood , Unique .


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Vinay Kumar Mishra


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Kawish Kumar


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Sanjeev Kumar Gupta




We approach teaching with a child-centered philosophy.  We believe that every aspect of a child’s personality, be it cognitive, social, emotional, physical, or spiritual, should be touched  in some way during his or her journey with us.  Each of these areas is interrelated, and in a relaxed and rich learning environment, these aspects can naturally integrate to create maximal and effective learning.


We believe that each child is unique and we do our best to nurture the intrinsic gifts that each one brings and shares with us.  We also believe that what truly makes a difference in a child’s life, beneath all the methods, materials, and the curriculum, is a teacher who cares about each child and who teaches from the heart.

Leaders in early childhood learning and development state that the earliest years of life are the most important.  Half of an individual’s intelligence is developed by the age of four and in these same years children are most susceptible to environmental influences! 


Teachers have a very influential role in being the first link in a long chain of instruction.  For success in a child’s progress through school, our teachers have a responsibility to provide for your child an environment that will stimulate and enrich him or her and help lay a foundation for future academics.